Maximising your light

Café style shutters cover the bottom half of the window only, this giving you plenty of space and light in the top half. Some customers still like to have blinds over the top or even keep their existing curtains… Café style shutters is very popular if you have a window near a pavement or a house in a busy street where you still want the flexibility of looking out over the top with the ability for privacy on the lower part of your window.
A question that comes up quite a lot with this style of shutter is “can I add another section on top at a later date?” In short yes, however it’s a little more complicated than just adding another set of panels turning it into a Tier on Tier.  We have to replace the frame and align the hinges thus making it a four-sided frame rather than the 3 sided goalpost frame the café shutter sits in. 
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Why The Shutter Tree loves Café Style Shutters...

  • Cafe Style Shutters are when the lower half of the window is covered by shutters, keeping the top free and open.
  • Privacy half way down, great for houses close to pavements or roads
  • Cafe Style Shutters are ideal for dining rooms, living areas, offices where privacy & light issues is not as important.
  • Cafe Style Shutters compliment a lovely blind or curtains if you wish to keep them still
  • A large range of colours and louvre sizes to choose from.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free

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