Choosing the right colour for your home

So what colour will you choose? Well let us be quite frank with you, there are trends and changes that happen, even in the shutter world. Some years ago we used to sell a lot of certain colours, then we sold a lot of stains, but the look at this present time seems to be a clean crisp white. We would recommend you try and match your shutters with your windows, not your décor, as your decoration changes throughout the years and your shutters will be there for a very long time. 
There are times where we do a custom colour – in a bedroom, a bathroom or a funky TV room; that is where our custom colour palette comes in (ask for details). We can colour match any colour you wish, you can even send us a colour you like in a magazine, we will send this to the factory and they will colour match that.
During our survey visit we will show you samples of the various colours on a swatch, we have the most popular styles in a shutter panel so we can hold it up at your window and you can decide the right colour choice for you.
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