Choosing the right type of Wood Shutter for you

The Shutter Tree offer you a wide range of  Wooden Shutters to compliment your vision and your windows!
Each product is beautiful in its own right,
and some would work better for you than any others.  We will offer you good quality products with a honest price tag.
All our Shutters are finished to a high standard, we use only a Polyurethane paint finish which is far superior to any Acrylic AC alternative. 
When we visit you at your home we can show you all the samples of the products, and we will offer you honest advice as to what is better for you.  
All come with a FIVE warrantee

Pine Shutters

Monterey Pine Shutters

The Monterey Pine Shutters is a beautiful Hardwood Shutter that has been used for Construction & Domestic areas for many many years by furniture makes & flooring experts. It is sourced all the way from New Zealand. This product is available in all the styles, a great choice for Full Height / Café Shutters. Available only in a white paint finish only.

Poplar Shutters

Poplar Shutters

Poplar Wood has been used in the Shutter industry for many years, it is a well known and established wood used for Joinery. Available in Paint & Stain colours, it provides a knot-free finish every time.

Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters

The Basswood Shutter are made from 100% Basswood. This product oozes confidence and looks amazing in either a paint or stain finish.  

White Ash Shutters

White Ash Shutters

The White Ash Shutter is made from a Timber, which is rich in grain and provides you with a look that is different to the one seen in most windows. Very strong and durable.

The Shutter Tree


You will notice by our Shutter Styles and ranges there is a window solution for you. Once you have made contact with us and we come our and visit you at your home, rest assured we will give you the best advise possible for your windows and for you.

Once we have given you our best price, we will make contact a few days after, but that’s it, we wont pester you for days on end or offer to drop any price.

We absolutely love what we do! And we want you to feel the same!

Feel free to contact us here today.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Reasons why to choose
The Shutter Tree

  • Suits every budget
  • Modern & Sylish
  • Affordable
  • Honesty, great service and quality products
  • Over 15 years industry experience
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fully Trained & Qualified Carpenters to fit your Shutters
  • You can choose the perfect Shutter right from your sofa, as we come to you