A lovely choice available in our wood range

Solid Shutters are a great choice when customers want complete privacy with the added benefit of security, however you will not have much flexibility on light control with this option as they are only either open, half open or closed like a set of doors. 
They do though give off a traditional feel to either modern houses or of course the Victorian or Edwardian homes which they are perfect for. Made only in the wood.
Our solid shutter range come with a vast choice or colour paint options and stains.
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Why The Shutter Tree loves Solid Shutters...

  • Still want the Victorian look? you can have that with Solid Shutters
  • Great for 100% privacy
  • Create an old style look with a modern twist
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Great for wardrobe doors & room dividers with a track system
  • Lots of painted & stain options available

The Shutter Tree

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Half solid shutters