We bet you didn't think you could...

Have you ever bought a house that comes with a window that is not exactly square? Or have you designed a house and your inner interior designer comes out of you, and you want to add a round window?
Shutters can be fitted to pretty much any style or shape of window, seems hard to believe but it’s true… from round to triangular to even bespoke windows.
Customers sometimes find it hard to dress windows that are not the usual shape, once a shaped shutter is fitted it will amaze you how beautiful they look, keeping in line with the existing shape of your window.
When designing your shaped shutter we will either create a template or measure the window mathematically; we follow all the lines and curves of the shape to create the actual window design. The factory then hand craft this for you to create your special shaped shutter.
Often there are times where a shaped shutter is required for an out of reach window, this is where our motorised shutters can help, click HERE for more information. 
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Why The Shutter Tree loves Special Shaped Shutters...

  • Shutters can be fitted to most styles of windows, even those that are not rectangle.
  • WOW your friends and neighbours with a beautiful shaped shutter.
  • Large choice of painted colours and stains, and even custom colour!
  • Ideal for Curved or Angled Windows
  • We will endeavour to create your Shutter identical to your window.

The Shutter Tree

Here at the Shutter Tree we really do pride ourselves on our friendly, honest, and transparent approach. You will see by our various options there is a window solution for you. Once you have made initial contact with us rest assured we will give you the best advise possible for you, your home, and your budget.
The Shutter Tree offers a tailor made service.
We genuinely have a real passion for what we do!
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Dining Room with full height shutters