How do we open the louvres?

One of the options that we ask you on our survey is how do you want to operate your louvres? The louvres are the horizontal strips that let in/block the light. You can operate your louvres in 3 different ways, which we have shown below and will demonstrate to you at time of survey. Hidden tilt, centred tilt or off-set tilt.
The louvres also come in different sizes, 63mm, 76mm & 89mm being the most popular.

Hidden Tilt Rod

silent tilt line
The Hidden Tilt option, also known as Easy Tilt or Silent Tilt,
is by far our most popular option.
If you are after a more contemporary looking shutter then this is your choice.
It gives off a clean looking modern feel and is operated by hand.



Centred Tilt Rod

centre tilt rod
Centred Tilt Rod gives off a more traditional feel, this option is operated by hand for ease of use. The rod is attached vertically and centre of the panel and is very robust and is hard wearing.

Offset Tilt Rod

off set tilt rod
Off Set Tilt Rod is similar to our friend the Centred Tilt Rod, it has the same principles but it sits vertically at one side rather than the centre.  This is a good option for when ordering
Special Shaped Shutters

choice of louvre sizes

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