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Give Your Home in Tunbridge Wells a Curb Appeal Boost with Wooden Shutters from The Shutter Tree

Plantation Shutters in Tunbridge Wells

We all know that curb appeal makes a home more attractive, but did you know that it also increases the amount of positive attention your home gets from neighbourhood visitors? If you want to give your home in Tunbridge Wells an increase in both curb appeal and neighbourhood attention, The Shutter Tree can help! The Shutter Tree provides a variety of high-quality wooden shutters for homes in Tunbridge Wells. Our beautiful wooden shutters will help your home not only look better on the inside, but the outside as well!

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are, simply put, window blinds. But as anyone who has spent on off-the-shelf blinds for their own windows can tell you, cheap blinds will not last long, they are designed to have a short life span for the return custom. That’s why savvy homeowners invest in plantation shutters and made to measure blinds.


First and foremost, plantation shutters are designed to last. Due to their premium wood—typically Basswood, Monterey Pine or White Ash, wooden shutters hold up over time. Interior shutters come in louvred panels and also solid versions for homeowners who prefer a sleeker look. Plantation shutters also come with a number of benefits for your home.

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The Shutter Tree

Here at the Shutter Tree we really do pride ourselves on our friendly, honest, and transparent approach. You will see by our various options there is a window solution for you. Once you have made initial contact with us rest assured we will give you the best advise possible for you, your home, and your budget.

The Shutter Tree offers a tailor made service.

We genuinely have a real passion for what we do!


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Understanding the Shutter Installation Process

At The Shutter Tree, our approach to shutter installation is simple: we measure for you and do it right. It’s not rocket science—in fact, it’s pretty straightforward. In order to ensure that your plantation shutters look good when we leave your home, and for years after, there are just a few things we need to consider during installation. Each step will be handled carefully by us shutter professionals who care about delivering an optimal product to you.

Why Buy from The Shutter Tree?

Why buy wooden shutters from The Shutter Tree? Because, as one of Kent’s leading shutter companies, we provide high quality window shutters with an extraordinary personal service, backed by our 15 years’ experience. If you’re ready to take your home’s curb appeal to a whole new level, then call us today at 01322 280959 to schedule your free consultation.

The Shutter Tree - Tunbridge Wells

What are the benefits of Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are extremely durable and ideal for homes of all design. The solid construction of wooden shutters means your home will remain warm during cold months and cooler during hot months. It’s perfect for both small and large windows; no matter how big or small, plantation shutters are a great fit for your home. They work perfectly for new homes as well as homes that have been standing for decades—they’re made to endure whatever nature throws at them! Since these window treatments add architectural style to any room in your home, they are sure to complement any decorating style you choose.


Shutter Blinds are an excellent choice when you want to bring attention to your windows. They work beautifully in any room, including kitchens and bathrooms where you want to let natural light through but still want privacy. They also provide noise reduction, increased home security and an increase in property value.


Choose Whether to Go for Wood or PVC

With so many choices, choosing whether to go for wood or PVC can be tough. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. With wooden shutters you’ll have your choice of a paint or stain finish, with our poly range you can have a selection of paint finishes that are waterproof, suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.