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Imagine window shutters in your Welling home

Quality Interior Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great way to give your windows added protection and visual interest at the same time. You may have heard about this type of window blind from friends or family, but you’re not sure where to get them if you live in the Welling area of London? Look no further than The Shutter Tree. Properties in Welling tend to have bay windows and sash windows, our high-quality shutters are the perfect fit for your windows

What are Window shutters?

Plantation Shutters are one of many types of window coverings that can be installed in your home. These types of blinds are very popular and considered an elegant choice as they give a soft, wide and beautiful appearance to any windows or door. They’re great for complementing any type of living room interior and can also provide privacy at night.

Wooden Shutters at The Shutter Tree are available in a vast range of styles, features and finishes;

Our Shutter Styles:

  • Full Height Shutters
  • Cafe Style Shutters
  • Tier on Tier Shutters
  • Shaped Shutters
  • Solid Panel Shutters
  • Bifolding Shutter Doors
  • Track System Shutter Doors




Our Shutter Finishes:

  • We Have a standard collection of Paint finishes but for an additional fee you can have any custom colour in a paint finish
  • Stain finishes for a more natural addition to your home.


Our Shutter Features:

  • Shutter and Shade (Blackout Shutters)
  • Shutters with Locks
  • 4 tilt systems including Centre Tilt Rod, Offset Tilt Rod, Hidden Tilt Rod, and our most popular Built-in Hidden Tilt System.
  • 4 Louvre sizes – 47mm, 64mm, 76mm & 89mm – Bigger sizes are available on request.

Shutters in Welling

The Shutter Tree

Here at the Shutter Tree we really do pride ourselves on our friendly, honest, and transparent approach. You will see by our various options there is a window solution for you. Once you have made initial contact with us rest assured we will give you the best advise possible for you, your home, and your budget.

The Shutter Tree offers a tailor made service.

We genuinely have a real passion for what we do!


We offer shutters in Kent

Located just eight miles from the centre of London, Welling has the benefit of an well connected train service into central London in 18 minutes, making it one of the most accessible areas in the capital. With an average house price of £380,000 and excellent schools from nursery to secondary level, it’s no wonder that families wanting to avoid London congestion as well as students looking for convenient accommodation are choosing Welling as their new home.

What materials could I have for my shutter blinds?

There are a number of materials available for Plantation Shutters at The Shutter Tree. Wood is a classic choice and comes in numerous varieties, such as Basswood, White Ash and pine. Another option is MDF—which stands for medium-density fibreboard—which is a smooth surface that requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a relatively low price tag but should last for years if treated properly.

The third most popular material used to make shutters is Poly PVC, which typically lasts longer than other types of wood shutters and MDF shutters in rooms that hold moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Welling High Street, Kent

Tier on Tier Shutters

When you think of decorative interior shutter options, it’s likely that you first think of window blinds or roller blinds. There are other choices when it comes to decorating your sash windows and improving your home’s style. Tier on tier shutters

are one such option and they can be a great way to add interest to your sash windows and make them more attractive. Shutters come in a variety of styles, but tier on tier is one particular design that can be used for many different types of window treatments because it offers several tiers, which makes it easy to match up with any window style and size

Why Should you Choose The Shutter Tree?

Are you in need of blinds that will improve your quality of life, keep your home more secure, and even improve your energy efficiency? If so, you should turn to The Shutter Tree for our amazing range of Interior Shutters. Amaya and her team are ready to help with all aspects of measuring and fitting plantation shutters.

We’re dedicated to providing first-class customer service to each and every one of our customers. Call today for a FREE survey and quote!